Many of our goals can only be achieved with a larger number of members. Your membership supports us in this.

Every member is equally valuable to us at society and is invited to get involved in our sections, working groups and projects. But people who want to become members without active participation are also very welcome.

The founding meeting in 2019 decided that board members must have a university degree. To ensure this, two different types of membership were initialized. These differ in the eligibility for the board of directors and in the amount of the annual membership fee. There is also the option of sponsoring membership.

Please do not hesitate to contact us Contact if you have any questions about membership types.

Here you will find the Here you will find the Fee regulations and here the Membership application .

Full members:
60 EUR per year

Anyone who is related to the rescue service and has a university degree can become a full member. Only full members can be elected to the board.

Associate members:
Natural persons: EUR 48 per year
Legal persons: EUR 300 per year

Associate member can become an associate member who has a qualification and activity in the area of activity of the rescue service, this also includes legal persons.

Supporting members:
Optional, but at least EUR 60 per year

Anyone who can identify themselves as a natural or legal person with the goals and purposes of the association can become a sponsoring member. Supporting members can be present at the general assembly and participate in the discussion, but have no voting rights and cannot be elected to the board.