First Board of Directors: Thomas Hofmann , MA

Thomas Hofmann has been working full-time in the rescue service since 2002. He has extensive experience as a guard and rescue service supervisor and has worked as a flight paramedic in Ghana. Thomas Hofmann holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a postgraduate diploma in international management from the University of Liverpool and a master’s degree in management. He also has professional qualifications in Great Britain (Paramedic) and Denmark (Paramediciner). He is currently working full-time as an emergency paramedic in southern Hesse and is doing his doctorate in the human and health sciences department at the University of Bremen on a rescue science topic. There is more information about himself here .

Second Board of Directors: Florian Breitenbach , BSc, PGDip

Florian Breitenbach has been employed in the rescue and medical service since 2004. As a German-Australian he has an Australian BSc Paramedic and Postgraduate Certificates in “Paramedic Leadership & Management” and “Health Services Management”. He is currently writing his master’s thesis at the University of the West of England. He has worked both on patients and in various management positions in England and Australia and is currently employed in Northern Germany.

Cashier: Matthias Wenzel, MA, CAS

Matthias Wenzel has been working in the emergency medical field since 2000. He holds a Masters Degree in Professional Teaching and Training and a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Management of Healthcare Institutions. He is currently doing an additional bachelor’s degree in “Nursing Science”. Matthias is a German and Austrian emergency paramedic as well as a Swiss paramedic and currently works as a lecturer and in rescue.

Assessor: Oliver A. Blankenheim, LL.B.

Oliver A. Blankenheim has been employed in the rescue service since 2000. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and is currently studying medicine at RWTH Aachen University.

Assessor: Matthias Rehers, MBA & Eng.

Matthias Rehers has been working in the rescue service since 2002. He is an emergency paramedic, fire chief inspector and has a master’s degree in industrial engineering.