About us

The Society for the Promotion of Science in Rescue Services was founded in 2019 to develop and expand research capacities and activities within the rescue sciences and related sciences.

We do this as people from practice, science and research for practice.

We do this in order to further develop care by the rescue service in an evidence-based, patient-centered and sustainable manner.

We do this through cooperation, education, commitment, information and our own research in and around the rescue service.

To this end, we are developing a network of universities, researchers, teachers, managers and emergency paramedics in order to enable the sustainable development of the new discipline of rescue sciences.

The specific goal here is to generate new knowledge, to collect it and make it available to the paramedics in various ways. The rescue science is to be understood as the scientific arm of the emergency paramedic activity and is known in the English-speaking world as “Paramedicine” or “Paramedic Science”. It is a symbiosis of emergency medicine, health sciences and public safety. In addition, the rescue sciences dealt with topics related to related sciences such as medicine, psychology, medical technology, adult education, communication, management and health services research.

The GzFWR is committed to the emergence of rescue sciences as a new recognized scientific discipline in German-speaking countries and thus supports emergency paramedics in their complex, emancipated and extensive work, which is subject to constant change.